9 Ideas for Tastier Salads

Buddha Salad Bowl

We all know salads are a delicious way to get in some extra servings of fruits and vegetables.  But the same old bowl of lettuce can get a little dull.  This week we’re sharing 9 ideas for making tastier salads.

1) Massage Your Greens
Love the health properties of kale, but think it’s a little too tough for a raw salad?  Think again.  Rub the leaves together until they soften.  They’ll get a little darker in color and softer to touch, losing the bitter taste but keeping the nutrients.

2) Add Some Opa!
Turn any bowl of greens into a tasty Greek salad with an oregano vinaigrette, olives and artichokes.

3) Say Cheese!
Love the richness cheese brings to a salad, but think it’s not healthy? Think again.  Cheese is full of calcium, which burns more fat.  Plus the creaminess helps you feel full.  So you can have your cheese and eat it, too.

4) Beets, Beets & Beets
This delicious root veggie is full of potassium, copper, dietary fiber, vitamin C, iron and vitamin B6.  The jarred ones can do the trick in a salad, or you can grate up a raw one for extra flavor and crunch.

5) Add Arugula
Peppery arugula greens are high in fiber and antioxidants and make any salad feel special.  Pair them with strawberries and shaved Parmesan for a sweeter salad, or go savory by adding thin slices of prosciutto ham instead of the strawberries.

6) Skip the Fat-Free Dressings
Like diet sodas, fat free dressings aren’t always the best for losing weight or eating healthy.  Our bodies need some fat to absorb vitamins A, D,E and K, which are all fat soluble nutrients. Also unsaturated fatty acids in oils, like olive and canola, can help burn belly fat and make salads feel more filling.

7) Build From a Grain
Adding a whole grain to a salad is a great way to add fun and make it more filling.  Cook extra grains, then store them in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to make your salad.  It’ll add a flair the family will love, guaranteed.  Try it this week with our member-favorite Buddha Salad Bowl, above and on this week’s menu (here).

8) Add a Homemade Crouton
Just about the easiest way to make a salad feel special.  Dice up some bread, toss in olive oil, salt and pepper and sauté or bake until it’s crusty and crunchy.  It’ll take any salad to the next level.

9) Think Beans
How to make a salad a meal?  Add a bean to the mix.  They’re packed with protein and fiber, and add great flavor, to boot.


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