Beyond PB&J: 10 Ideas for Delicious Sandwiches

grilled cheese with brieThere’s something special about a sandwich.   Good bread, tasting fillings, it’s an easy lunch or dinner.  But too often we get into a rut.  (Remember all those PB&Js and turkey sandwiches of your youth?)  This week we’re sharing 10 of our favorite ideas for delicious sandwiches

1. Nicoise Salad
Known as a Pan Bagnat in culinary circles, this sandwich piles on classic Nicoise salad ingredients.  Drizzle crust bread with a red wine & mustard vinaigrette, then top with cucumber, tomato, tuna or hard boiled egg slices, basil and olives.  Wrap the sandwich and squash with a frying pan for about 10 minutes.  The flavors meld into something really magical.  Just slice and serve!

2.  Grown Up BLT
Jazz up the traditional BLT with a garlic aioli and sliced avocado.  Sometimes the simplest changes can transform a sandwich.

3.  BSG
Not as well known, as the BLT, but it sure should be!  Pair roasted beets, spinach and goat cheese for a winning lunch.

4.  Brie & Caramelized Onions (above)
Creamy brie, caramelized onions,  apple chutney and great bread… You’ve got the recipe for a sophisticated sandwich in a heartbeat.

5.  Fried Egg and Fig Jam
With some arugula or frisee, it’s heaven.  You’ll need to buy some fig jam for this, but once you have a jar in the house you’ll find yourself using it on everything from brie & baguette appetizers to ice cream.

6.  Eggplant & Cannellini Bean Hummus
Think past traditional chickpea hummus.  Mash cannellini bans with olive oil and lemon juice and pair with roasted eggplant.  It’s divine.

7.  Boiled Egg & Roasted Asparagus
Sound odd? It’s delicious.  Slice boiled eggs in half and serve on a baguette spread with your favorite mustard, roasted asparagus and pickled onions.  Yum!

8. Chickpea Salad
Love tuna salad? Here’s a version that’s even tastier.  We use lightly mashed chickpeas in place of canned fish, then use all our favorite fixings: mayo, celery, capers and lemon juice.   Mix yours up with whatever takes your fancy.

9. Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Goat Cheese
Mix up some sun-dried tomatoes with goat cheese and spread on your favorite crusty bread. Top with roasted sweet potato rounds, top with a drizzle of honey and arugula.  You’ll be craving it again and again.

10. Peanut Chicken Pitas
Don’t save peanut sauce for dinner.  Toss roasted chicken with carrots, sprouts and peanut sauce, then stuff in a pita.


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