Beyond PB&J: 10 Ideas for Delicious Sandwiches

There’s something special about a sandwich.   Good bread, tasting fillings, it’s an easy lunch or dinner.  But too often we get into a rut.  (Remember all those PB&Js and turkey sandwiches of your youth?)  This week we’re sharing 10 of our favorite ideas for delicious sandwiches 1. Nicoise Salad Known … [Read more...]

10 Resolutions For A Fantastic Summer

June is the month that kicks-off summer, which should be a time filled with rest, relaxation and lots of fun.  It’s also a season that seems to fly by here, so this year we’re making some resolutions to make sure we capture every minute of it. Our list is below.  What’s yours?   1) Live Like … [Read more...]

Healthy School Lunch “Ingredient Swap”

Healthy School Lunch “Ingredient Swap” A guest blog by Rebecca Sholiton, Co-Founder of EatPakd. Packing healthy school lunches that get the “thumbs up” from kids can be a tall task — especially if you’ve got a picky eater in the family. Thankfully, a few easy swaps at the grocery store can save some … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Your Pantry

It's that time of year when we all want a fresh start. What better place to begin than your pantry? For most of us, it’s a treasure trove of hidden gems you’ve been meaning to cook, all buried under stuff you bought too much of, only used half a container of or let slip past its “best by” date.  There is a … [Read more...]