Food for your Mini Meez: Guest Blog by Ashley Gilday, Founder Little Harvest

Food for your Mini Meez Making baby food can be one of the most nurturing things you do as a parent, but boy is it time consuming, not to mention nerve-racking! All sorts of questions run through your mind - what can my new baby eat? How do I know if they are ready to start eating solid foods? Are there … [Read more...]

Loving Eggplant! 10 Ideas Guaranteed To Make Your Mouth Water

Farmer's markets are bursting with eggplant this time of year.  Before you stroll past them in favor of those heirloom tomatoes or ripe fruit, consider our ideas for cooking eggplant up into meals you'll go crazy for. So what's all the fuss about this summer vegetable? It's easy to cut, easy to cook, and … [Read more...]

Beyond PB&J: 10 Ideas for Delicious Sandwiches

There’s something special about a sandwich.   Good bread, tasting fillings, it’s an easy lunch or dinner.  But too often we get into a rut.  (Remember all those PB&Js and turkey sandwiches of your youth?)  This week we’re sharing 10 of our favorite ideas for delicious sandwiches 1. Nicoise Salad Known … [Read more...]

10 Resolutions For A Fantastic Summer

June is the month that kicks-off summer, which should be a time filled with rest, relaxation and lots of fun.  It’s also a season that seems to fly by here, so this year we’re making some resolutions to make sure we capture every minute of it. Our list is below.  What’s yours?   1) Live Like … [Read more...]