9 Tips For Cooking With Kids

We love kids in the kitchen. It turns the chore of cooking into a family activity, and we've found that when kids help make dinner they are much more likely to eat what's served. So how do you do it? This week we're sharing our favorite tips for kids of all ages. 1) Give them a job Big kids can be … [Read more...]

Fostering a “Creator’s Mindset” for Your Child

Fostering a “Creator’s Mindset” for Your Child A Guest Blog by Omowale Casselle, co-founder of Digital Adventures which prepares the inventors and innovators of tomorrow by offering computer coding classes, digital technology camps, and makers workshops for kids. “The best way to predict the future is to … [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Body and Have More Energy

5 Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Body and Have More Energy A guest blog by Pamela Schmidt, Owner Food2Live4 and Certified Holistic Health Coach Just like we clean our homes, it’s important to clean our bodies as well.  The number one complaint I get from my clients is fatigue.  It seems to be epidemic!  It’s a … [Read more...]

Three Work-Life Success Tips from a Busy Mom

As business women and loving moms, my friends and I are always trading tips on how to make the most of work and home life.  Here are a few tips that I’ve implemented recently that have helped us find balance and hope they’ll work for you: Make sure your kids know you like the work you do. Most parents … [Read more...]