How Meez Came To Be

Jen (right) with sister Holly (left) and mother, also Holly (center) One question members always ask is how Meez got started.  This week Jen Moore, Meez's founder, is sharing her story on the Meez Kitchen Blog. I grew up with a mother who cooked dinner from scratch for us every single night.  I loved … [Read more...]

The August 1 Menu is Up

THE Loaded Mozzarella & Balsamic-Glazed Tomato Quesadilla Every once in a while Chef Max creates something that goes beyond even our expectations. Meez fans have been pouring comments in about this one since it first ran last year.  There is something magic about the combination of layers of basil pesto, … [Read more...]

The July 18 Menu is Up

The July 18 Menu Vegetarian and Vegan Delights As you are aware, Meez Meals always has a selection of tasty vegetarian and vegan selections each week.  We think this week, however, is something truly exceptional with four vegan friendly (and of course vegetarian) entrees - Grilled Zucchini … [Read more...]

The June 20 Menu

A Farmers Market Read through the ingredient list for our recipes this week and you might feel like you are strolling through the stands at your favorite summer farmers market.  Fresh corn, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, and many others are included in eleven exciting recipes like the Southwestern Salmon with … [Read more...]