Loving Eggplant! 10 Ideas Guaranteed To Make Your Mouth Water

Grilled Eggplant and Blue Cheese Flatbread

Farmer’s markets are bursting with eggplant this time of year.  Before you stroll past them in favor of those heirloom tomatoes or ripe fruit, consider our ideas for cooking eggplant up into meals you’ll go crazy for.

So what’s all the fuss about this summer vegetable? It’s easy to cut, easy to cook, and takes on flavors like a dream.  In short, it’s the jack of all trades in summer cooking, working perfectly in everything from pasta salads to stir fries and everything in between.

1. Go Asian
Sesame and soy are magic with eggplant, giving it a flavor that makes it really pop (miso is also a fabulous pairing)

2. Roasted
Simply roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper gives eggplant a firm texture that everyone loves, and it’s perfect then tossed with pesto, Asian flavors, and anything else you can dream up

3.  Pizza
Layered on flatbread with a delicious cheese (blue cheese in the tasty recipe in the photo above), it’s a great change of pace from the usual pizza veggies; roast it first, then put on for the final baking

4.  Pasta Salad
Toss your favorite pasta with roasted eggplant, halved cherry tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella in a light balsamic drizzle

5.  Strong Cheeses
We love eggplant and blue cheese together; the blue cheese gives the eggplant a pop that’s great in a sandwich, appetizer or salad

6.  Ratatouille
The classic French summer recipe: simmer eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes and zucchini into a thick sauce, then serve room temperature over crusty bread, hot with pasta, over farro or anything else that you have at home

7. Capers and Olives
Think Italian when it comes to eggplant, and the caper-olive pairing is one of the most classic, and most delicious

8.  Feta
The saltiness of feta gives a spark that brings eggplant alive. Try it on a toasted piece of bread for a tasty sandwich, plus some hummus and sliced cucumber

9. Baked
We make our version with sautéed cherry tomatoes on top, a bed of cannellini beans underneath and a balsamic drizzle over top (See the recipe on our blog here)

10. Greens
Contrast the texture of roasted eggplant with sautéed kale or wilted spinach.  Together the two are a texture winner that’s great on their own as a salad, stuffed into a pita or tossed with couscous or pasta




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