9 Tips For Cooking With Kids

We love kids in the kitchen. It turns the chore of cooking into a family activity, and we've found that when kids help make dinner they are much more likely to eat what's served. So how do you do it? This week we're sharing our favorite tips for kids of all ages. 1) Give them a job Big kids can be … [Read more...]

Menu for 4/17 Delivery is Up!

Farro, The Ancient Grain Did you know that Farro fed the vast majority of the Romans from 44BC all the way up to the collapse of the Roman Empire? Did you also know that Julius Caesar's last words were not "Et tu, Brute" but in fact "farro is really amazing with sauteed asparagus and roasted pear"? OK, … [Read more...]

7 Tricks For Making Asparagus Extra Delicious

If there’s one ingredients that says spring, it’s asparagus.  It's delicious, easy to cook and packed with more vitamins and nutrients than we know what to do with. Best of all, it’s one of the easiest veggies to cook.  Just steam it and serve, and you have a vegetable almost everyone will devour.  So … [Read more...]

Menu for Week of 4/10 is Up

10 Minutes to Rotini with Cauliflower and Feta Greatness It might not surprise you to find out that the flavors of mint-chive oil, sweet apricots, salty feta, green peas and cauliflower come together perfectly for an incredibly tasty and satisfying dinner. But, what if we told you the Rotini with Cauliflower … [Read more...]