New Menu for 11/13 Week Delivery is Up

Meez Instant Classic: Steak Bi Bim Bap Fresh from your own kitchen, Bi Bim Bap (pronounced bee-beem-bahp), which means "mix-mix-rice" is a classic Korean dish of rice topped with meat and vegetables. It is a recipe where having all the ingredients prepped and ready to go is truly magic.  Get ready for some … [Read more...]

15-Minute Rice Noodles with Thai Barbequed Vegetables

When we think about dinner in a flash, a stir fry always tops the list.  It's simple to make, can use almost any veggie in the fridge, and comes together in a heartbeat. One of our members' favorites is our 15-minute Rice Noodles with Thai Barbequed Vegetables.  It's the marriage of Asian BBQ flavors … [Read more...]

5 Steps for Building a Tasty Taco

Some people believe everything tastes better wrapped in a warm corn tortilla.   And the team here at Meez can’t help but agree. Everything, and we mean everything, tastes great in a taco.  When you’re in a hurry, there’s no dinner tastier than a taco supper.  It’s warm.  It’s filling.  And it couldn’t be … [Read more...]

Menu for 11/6 Week Is Up

Spice It Up We have really turned up the heat this week as our menu features four delicious and spicy recipes. At the top of the Scoville Scale is the Spicy Santa Fe Chicken and Rice Bowl, followed closely behind by the Roasted Brussels Spouts Tacos w/ Sriracha Aioli. A bit milder, but still packing a nice … [Read more...]