The Chopping Block’s Favorite Black Bean Burgers

We were lucky enough to participate in a cooking class at The Chopping Block a few weeks ago.  They're experts at teaching all things cooking, and this was a special night to support our partner Common Threads.  When The Chopping Block offered to share the recipe for their special Quinoa and Black Bean Burger … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Paella Recipe

“Absolutely delicious!” “A home run" “Even my picky kids gobbled it up!” “Awesome recipe” When we get notes like that, we can't resist sharing the recipe.  With roasted pineapple and a tropical soy-ginger sauce, this paella is a dinner you'll want to make again and again.  Best of all, it's on … [Read more...]

Romesco Spaghetti Recipe

Looking for a new take on pasta night?  Think past  the tomato.  Our favorite creamy red sauce is a roasted red pepper romesco.  It comes together in a flash and has a delicate flavor the whole family will love.  We're sharing the recipe this week cooked up with fresh spinach and butternut squash.   But … [Read more...]

All-Star Barbeque Pizza Recipe

We heard from a member this week who is moving out of state and had just one final request for us:  the recipe for our Barbeque Pizza.   We can't resist a plea like that, particularly when it's for one of the all-star "Best of 2013" recipes. If you haven't had this pizza  yet, you're in for a treat.  … [Read more...]