Carrots 5 Ways

We love carrots.  They taste great, of course.  And they're incredibly good for you.  And we can't resist that cheerful burst of color they bring to any dinner.  But better than all that, they keep forever, so you can stash a pound or two (or five) in your fridge. In need of a little inspiration on how … [Read more...]

Chef Max’s Famous Asian Peanut Sauce

"YUMMMM" "Awesome!" "Delicious!" "AMAZING!"  Members love Chef Max's Asian Peanut Sauce, so we're sharing the recipe.  Serve it up over sweet potatoes and kale or anything else that grabs your fancy.  (This photo was with crispy kale in wonton cups.  It's ridiculously good!) Ingredients 1/3 Cup Chunky … [Read more...]

Southwestern Tamale Pie

Imagine cornbread cooked up on top of a southwestern stew.  If that makes your mouth water, then keep reading.  We're making a summer chili of zucchini, summer corn, poblano peppers and black beans, plus just enough Pepper Jack cheese to make it melty and delicious.  We're topping everything with a cornbread … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato Rice Bowl

This gem is humble and oh-so delicious. It’s all about the creamy Asian peanut butter sauce, which we could eat with a spoon. But since we’re supposed to be grown-ups, we’re restraining ourselves. (Mostly.) Instead, we’re tossing it with roasted sweet potatoes, toasted organic tofu, wilted kale and brown … [Read more...]