Menu Week of 7/24 is Up

NEW - Farmers Market Salad We go out of our way to save you time in preparing healthy dinners but when it comes to the new Farmers Market Salad we think we have outdone ourselves.  This is the salad to end all salads! We have sourced over 10 different vegetables that you would find fresh and tasty at a … [Read more...]

Menu for July 17 Week is Up

Saucetacular Meez is known for our incredibly tasty, creative and original sauces. Each week we have signature options to choose from, but we  have probably never constructed a week like this one! The star of the week is the Mae Ploy Chicken (pictured above) and we keep it going with, Chimichurri sauce in … [Read more...]

Menu for July 3 Week is Up

Summer Greens Eating your greens has never been any easier or more delicious. Our new menu features all that good stuff that provides your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs across a tasty array of mouth watering recipes. From Salmon with Lemon & Asparagus to Kung Pao Edamame to Broccoli with … [Read more...]

Menu for Week of 6/26 Delivery is Up

  Mexican Steak Taco Bowl + Summer = A Perfect Match  The Mexican Steak Taco Bowl may just be the ideal summer dish. "Why?" you ask (this is the part where you ask...its OK, I can wait).  Nice! OK, there are two reasons.  It is fast - only 10 minutes hands-on and 20 minutes … [Read more...]