Menu for 10/2 Delivery Week is Up

A Kaleidoscope of Colors and Flavors This week's featured entree, Caribbean Shrimp, is beautiful to behold.  Its unique salsa, with vibrant pineapple, red and yellow peppers, and green cilantro, is combined with orange and yellow mango coulis, golden sauteed shrimp and white rice.  It seems you just have … [Read more...]

Hooked On Farro

We get excited about simple stuff in the Meez kitchen.  Like discovering you can toast gnocchi  for a crispy change of pace.  Or adding chocolate sauce to roasted fruit for a not-too-indulgent dessert.  And this week, spreading the word about our favorite grain. You see, we’re hooked on farro.  It has more … [Read more...]

Mint Basil Pesto 5 Ways

We're hooked on mint in the summer.  It adds a freshness that makes even the most familiar dishes exciting.  So when we got the idea to add mint to a traditional pesto, we knew it was a winner.  This week we're sharing our favorite mint basil pesto recipe along with a few ideas on how else to cook it … [Read more...]

6 Desserts In 5 Minutes Or Less

If you’re like us, dinner needs a little sweet finish to be truly be complete.   And while we love making a decadent cookie or baking a pan of brownies, sometimes we want dessert RIGHT NOW.  And here's the crazy part -- it's not as big of a challenge as you might think.  This week we’re sharing six of our … [Read more...]