7 Sure-Fire Ways to Fall In Love with Brussels Sprouts

We adore brussels sprouts.  They have a crisp texture and great flavor, plus loads of health benefits.  But not everyone shares our passion for these little Brassicaceae.   Maybe it’s their scary reputation, or perhaps it’s because they’re so often served under-seasoned and over-boiled.  Whatever the reason, … [Read more...]

September 26 Menu is Up

Spectacular... The Sweet Potato, Kale & Rice Bowl with Peanut Sauce (shown above) is one of those rare dishes that has it all. The incredible flavor comes from our signature Asian peanut butter sauce, which continues to elicit member comments such as, "amazing," "spectacular," and "best thing I have ever … [Read more...]

Hooked On Farro

We get excited about simple stuff in the Meez kitchen.  Like discovering you can toast gnocchi  for a crispy change of pace.  Or adding chocolate sauce to roasted fruit for a not-too-indulgent dessert.  And this week, spreading the word about our favorite grain. You see, we’re hooked on farro.  It has more … [Read more...]

Feeding a Toddler

A guest post from Jen Olsson Muczynski (@JenOMuczynski) registered and licensed dietitian  Feeding a Toddler? Skip the jar and start with Meez! If you are reading this blog, congratulations! You have reached an exciting, busy and very messy stage in your child’s development. Between the ages of one and … [Read more...]