Sweet Potato Tamale Pie Recipe

"Sweet potato, tomatoes, corn and black beans all covered with a cornbread topping, and it was ABSOLUTELY delicious!  In fact, I still dream about it.  Can you share the recipe?"  There's nothing we like better than getting notes like this, and we're always delighted to share.  And this Sweet Potato … [Read more...]

October 24 Menu is Up

Chicken Little Big  Despite all the incredible flavor that comes from the rich, handmade, Meez tomato sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and Italian greens, in the Chicken Pizziolo (shown above), the quality of the chicken used in the dish makes a BIG difference. We source all of our chicken from Harrison's … [Read more...]

Three Work-Life Success Tips from a Busy Mom (+ Free Webinar Next Week)

As business women and loving moms, my friends and I are always trading tips on how to make the most of work and home life.  Here are a few tips that I’ve implemented recently that have helped us find balance and hope they’ll work for you: Make sure your kids know you like the work you do. Most parents … [Read more...]

Baked Stuffed Shells

“Absolutely loved the baked stuffed shells!!!” “The stuffed shells were amazing!” “My family's absolute favorite.” When members discover a new favorite meal, we can't help but share the recipe.  This week we're sharing our version of baked stuffed shells, packed with veggies, melty cheese and a … [Read more...]