Menu for Week of 11/20 Delivery is Up

Meez's NEW Big Easy Gumbo is BIG, and well...easy Gumbo was first served in 1803 at a gubernatorial reception in New Orleans and it is derived from the West African word for okra. It is thought of by many as the original "melting-pot" dish. Meez has kicked-up the flavor and included both our premium shrimp … [Read more...]

12 Ideas for Making Thanksgiving Dinner Easy

The Thanksgiving countdown is here, and we're delighted to share some of our favorite tips for making Thanksgiving Dinner easy so you can enjoy your time with family and friends in -- and out -- of the kitchen. 1) Do the Prep Work in Advance If you know Meez, you already know this one! It’s stressful to … [Read more...]

New Menu for 11/13 Week Delivery is Up

Meez Instant Classic: Steak Bi Bim Bap Fresh from your own kitchen, Bi Bim Bap (pronounced bee-beem-bahp), which means "mix-mix-rice" is a classic Korean dish of rice topped with meat and vegetables. It is a recipe where having all the ingredients prepped and ready to go is truly magic.  Get ready for some … [Read more...]

15-Minute Rice Noodles with Thai Barbequed Vegetables

When we think about dinner in a flash, a stir fry always tops the list.  It's simple to make, can use almost any veggie in the fridge, and comes together in a heartbeat. One of our members' favorites is our 15-minute Rice Noodles with Thai Barbequed Vegetables.  It's the marriage of Asian BBQ flavors … [Read more...]