5 Steps for Building a Tasty Taco

Blackened Salmon TacoSome people believe everything tastes better wrapped in a warm corn tortilla.   And the team here at Meez can’t help but agree. Everything, and we mean everything, tastes great in a taco.  When you’re in a hurry, there’s no dinner tastier than a taco supper.  It’s warm.  It’s filling.  And it couldn’t be easier.

Here are 5 steps for building a tasty taco:

1) A Warm Base
It all starts with a warm tortilla.  We heat ours right on the gas burner of our stove, a few seconds on each side, until the’re soft, bendable and a little charred.  This keeps the tortillas from falling apart when you fold them and brings out the corn flavor.

2) Simple Filling
There’s not a lot of room in a taco, so keep the filling simple.  Two ingredients are enough to create a contrast without getting too busy:  Brussels sprouts and tofu.  Black beans and avocado.  Poland peppers and toasted corn.  Spinach and paneer… You get the idea.

3) Special Sauce
The magic is in the sauce, and it doesn’t have to be fancy.   Salsa works just fine, but some of our favorites push the cross-cultural boundaries:
– Sriracha aioli is a favorite Asian spin. (Sriracha, mayo and lemon juice. Easy!)
– Thai peanut sauce is a close second.
– Red curry and miso is also a winner.
– Or go European with a fruit vinaigrette or Dijon dressing.
– We also love the Middle Eastern flair that comes with spiced tahini.
– Take Mexican up a notch by mixing adobo with mayo to make a Mexican aioli.
The possibilities are, as they say, endless.

4) Great Texture
Contrast is key.   Crispy vegetables with a creamy special sauce.  Or soft beans with toasted corn.  Maybe hot vegetables with a cold bean salad.  The contrast is what keeps you coming back for more.

5) Final Sprinkle
Finish your taco with a toasted nut, flavorful cheese or toasted coconut. It gives it a final bit of pizzazz.

Most important, don’t over think it.  Sometimes the best tacos are the ones you  just throw together.  One member told us her weekly taco night consists of filling tortillas with the previous week’s leftovers. The food’s already pre-flavored and just needs a warm tortilla to make it a brand-new meal.

Looking for a recipe?  Check out this Chili Glazed Tofu recipe, one of our favorites.


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