Menu for 5/1 Delivery Is Up

El Nuevo Arroz con Pollo Full confession...that is all the Spanish we know. However, you don't need to be bilingual to comprende how juicy tender, herb rubbed chicken thighs (the most flavorful part) on top of mild Spanish-spiced-rice with tomatoes, onions, peas and corn would be absolutely DELICIOSO! Other … [Read more...]

Menu for 4/17 Delivery is Up!

Farro, The Ancient Grain Did you know that Farro fed the vast majority of the Romans from 44BC all the way up to the collapse of the Roman Empire? Did you also know that Julius Caesar's last words were not "Et tu, Brute" but in fact "farro is really amazing with sauteed asparagus and roasted pear"? OK, … [Read more...]

Menu for Week of 4/3 is Up

Spice It Up If you are a lover of all things spicy, this is a fantastic week for you.  It features the long-awaited return of the Udon Noodles with Spicy Green Beans (shown above) and the introduction of a brand new chicken dish that we couldn't be more excited about - the Spicy Santa Fe Chicken Rice Bowl. … [Read more...]

Menu for week of 3/27 is up

Massaman Steak Curry Massaman is a very mild Thai curry that you have to experience to believe. Its delicate combination of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, and other spices strike just the right note to bring out the best flavors of our tender, juicy sirloin steak.  When tossed with peppers and almonds, … [Read more...]